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I'm kind of fond of the Linksys BEFSX41.

Can anyone offer some comments that might help my decision
making process?

For most home users I suggest the BEFSX41. It is a solid unit that does
it's job well. Having SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) it does
technically quality as a firewall under the RFC2979 guidelines (I
emailed the author of RFC2979 and he agreed that a packet filter in a
NAT router does qualify the device as a firewall.)

Leythos disagrees, but since he is a much higher level guru, and
regularly works with much more expensive equipment, he has good reason
to favor full featured hardware firewalls.

But for home use, a BEFSX41 is a good deal and should serve you well.
The only caveat is that you need to take the time to find out about the
kinds of exploits that the lower end units aren't designed to detect or

The BEFSX41 can lock out all ActiveX, Java, Cookies, etc, if you like.
But that would be a major pain. Your best bet is to add a good popup
blocker (not the one in IE... it sucks. I use PopUpCop.), take some care
as to where you surf, have a good anti-virus program, etc.

A BEFSX41 and a little knowledge can protect you very well.

Well, I think I have *some* knowledge. I run Kerio. I have Firefox 2,
which has a popup blocker. I do have Java on only because many sites
I visit use it, and those I do trust. I have Norton 2000 for a/v and
scan the files I donwload. I use mailwasher to keep out the spam, and
I don't go around opening attachments willy-nilly anyway; that's just
suicidal if you ask me. I've also disabled a lot of unnecessary services
in W2K. I practice safe net. In my ten years on the net I've only
been hit once, and it turned out to be my own damned fault anyway.

It's beginning to sound like the BEFSX41 will do me just fine, as it
will compliment the things I already do to be safe. If, in the future,
I feel the need for more, I can always add a "real" firewall later on.

Now to go put on my asbestos armor as the flames seem to be getting
a bit warm around here.... :)

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