Re: false portscan alarm

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Apologies for the delay in replying.

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What _are_ you using instead, Trumpet Winsock?

Trumpet Winsock version 2.0 revision B. It looked as if version 3
might stop working after 30 days, so I kept version 2.0.

Oh, my! How old is _that_ stuff?

'Copyright 1993,1994 by Peter R. Tattam'

Old? May be a little. :) Does 'aged' sound better?

Since Windows 3.1 did not try so hard to be everything to everybody
it did not include so many programs, and I guess it was designed with
a single, isolated, user in mind.

It certainly was single user, and as I recall, it was also single tasking.
You could have several applications open (I think) but I'm pretty sure only
one was actually running at a time. I vaguely remember that it was only
six or seven high density floppies - call it 8 Megs max.

Terminal? There is a very nice program called Procomm Plus version
2.1 for Windows 3.1. I know there is a version for Windows 95, and I
believe it even had a DOS version.


That's off a BBS directory listing. Version 2.4.2 was being used in the
fall of 1987, but wasn't available when this listing was made. I'm sure
that _somewhere_ in the garage, there is a box with a manual and the single
floppy it came on. Procomm was one of the standards of the era.

I am still impressed by the good design of the version I am using. I
also have used to send and receive faxes. But I was left with the
impression that faxes went faster when sent using a DOS program.