Re: hardware firewall buying

Skywise skrev:
I'm in the market for a hardware router/firewall device as I
am FINALLY moving to broadband... cable to be precise.

I've looked at a few models from both Linksys and D-link. I
also took a gander at some websites that have customer reviews
to get an idea on what models have/don't have problems. The
problem is that most of what I read are complaints, no matter
what model I'm looking at.

I've also tried a few review websites but they didn't seem offer
me much information beyond what's in the manufacturers brochures.

I'm kind of fond of the Linksys BEFSX41.

Can anyone offer some comments that might help my decision
making process?

What I'd love to find is a website that does reviews and
comparisons like does for digital cameras. They
are extremely in depth and have a search matrix to help you
decide what models meet your requirements.


I have't read up on this site for along time now,
but perhaps you can find something useful here.