Re: A Hardware and Software Firewall Combination (I got Hacked!)

Sebastian Gottschalk wrote:
Tore Lund wrote:

Ron Lopshire wrote:
IMNSHO, Notepad Editor is a better word processing app than any
version of MS Word that has ever been or ever will be released. I use
MS Word only when absolutely necessary, and that usually involves
kicking and screaming.
Just curious: which Notepad Editor are you talking about?

I assume the one which ships with Windows. The single-threaded one, that
can't receive a drag-and-drop while outputting to the printer queue. The
one, that stores "this app can break", but when loaded again, just outputs
either Chinese chars or garbage (if no matching font is installed).

But at least it doesn't forget the text's formatting at runtime, doesn't
need hours to search some few 10000 lines (still takes pretty long), and
offers a non-volatile storage format by default (.doc is merely a
serialized memory dump - no joke!). So it's really less broken than MS

Maybe, but Ron said it was better than MS Word, so I supposed he meant
some other editor.