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Of course not. Most men just love to wear sequined spandex outfits...

Most admins have no time for such activities. The fact is that most good
admins block all access to non-work related internet activities. If you
looked up the stats on the bandwidth and productivity lost to personal
internet use, you'd understand.
thank you

For any admin that intentionally blocks left-wing sites, there is likely a
counter-part who is blocking right-wing sites. All of those would be
nut-job admins with too much time on their hands.

so true

Banning personal uses of the internet in the workplace will happen
everywhere and without regard to content. It is a bandwidth and
productivity issue, not political.

thank you again

Most of the country consists of
moderate fence-sitters who dislike both right-wing and left-wing extremism.
Unfortunately they also have a complete inability to come up with a policy
of their own, so they always vote for who they see as the lesser of two
evils. Not being Libertarians, they just can't understand that a drop of
cyanide in a glass of water is every bit as deadly as a full glass of

Spender, you are a wise man

and can we get back to security and firewalls, I believe this is the place for it...