Re: 64-Bit Firewall

On Oct 24, 8:40 pm, Sebastian Gottschalk <s...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Grimscythe wrote:
and call that construct a firewall?

I suppose you can put it that way...Well, then you should think about your concept again.

Windows Firewall isn't suitable because it only scans inbound traffic.Windows Firewall is a host-based packet filter. As it does not know about
the Nat states of Windows ICS, it obviously isn't suitable as a firewall.

Anyway, it does scan outbound traffic. Of course, since it has to capture
the relevant states to allow related inbound traffic. I guess you meant
that one cannot disable and/or expand the internal ruleset that is applied,
which is, well, merely interesting, as one would have to add such a rule

Well then what do you suggest I do?
I have a router that has a built in hardware firewall that I don't use,
should I be using that instead?