Re: Firewalls and Cryptography

BobS <noone@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
"Ansgar -59cobalt- Wiechers" <usenet-2006@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
BobS <noone@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
No doubt you can write a virus that will be "new" for a brief period
and after it hits the first computer - it's no longer new.

Not true. A new virus remains new to any virus scanner as long as
noone has detected and analyzed it and created a signature for the
respective virus scanner. If the virus keeps a low profile that can
be quite a while.

My unstated assumption was that the virus did it's dirty work and was
detected by a user. Doesn't need a signature file made by an AV
company to have a "detected" stamp placed on it. Like anything else,
it only remains new until used once....

You're still wrong, because a virus may very well do its "dirty work"
without being spotted by a user if it keeps a low profile (i.e. doesn't
interfere with the user's day-to-day work). And unless a signature is
created for it the virus still remains new to anyone else despite being
spotted by a user.

"If a software developer ever believes a rootkit is a necessary part of
their architecture they should go back and re-architect their solution."
--Mark Russinovich

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