Re: Zone Alarm Pro on server denying client access to 'Net from client laptop

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"Volker Birk" <bumens@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
: Telly Me <NoOne@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
: > On 16 Oct 2006 11:39:34 +0200, Volker Birk <bumens@xxxxxxxxxxx>
: > >> Because I'm a newby to configuring firewalls
: > >You used it for several years and you're a newbee in configuring
: > >WTF?
: > Yep, always installed with the default settings. Used
: > testing, and got complete stealth status.
: OMN!
: You just didn't understand, that "stealthing" is nonsense.
: Yours,
: VB.
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: "Ich lache nie."
: Besim Karadeniz in d.c.s.m.


I doubt you'll discourage the poster from using his personal firewall,
but you don't do other, less experienced users any favors when you don't
at least offer an alternative protection. No protection is worse than
inadequate (in your mind) protection. Give us all a break, and quit
trolling this newsgroup, or offer your advice in a more positive way.

charlie R


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