Reviving a Firebox III 700

I am trying to reactivate a Firebox III 700 which we bought some time
ago and have never been able to use.

We have recently found a copy of the original software it came with, a
crossover LAN cable but not the serial cable, and the software is
apparently not the version which is currently running on the hardware.
I don't know what version is on the firebox but I imagine it must be
the latest to which the previous owner was entitled.

Unfortunately my LiveSupport has run out and I cannot access the latest
software from WatchGuard's website.

In order to try and access the Firebox via TCP/IP on a known IP
address, we have done a cold reset, and the Firebox came back up on

The problem is that the image created by the version 7.0.B1366 software
we do have does not seem to be compatible with whats on the Firebox,
and now having managed to upload a config file to the box, when the box
reboots and comes back up, it does not come up on either
or the address in the config file (, so we cannot connect
to it to set it up.

I would have liked to download the latest software from your
WatchGuard's site but cannot as it became available after the
LiveSecurity subscription ran out. I also cannot find any software
issued before that on their site, to which I am entitled without
renewing the subscription.

We would really like to put this machine to work for us and I don't
want to pay for LiveSupport until I have at least seen that the Firebox

Can anyone help me please?

I am not asking anyone to give me a copy of their software, but maybe
you could let me have a config file I can upload so that I can access
the Firebox and get it working?