Re: Firewalls and Cryptography

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BobS <noone@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
A firewall can protect against viruses - I just purchased one for a
a Sonicwall TZ170 with Gateway AV service. <<< last paragraph

This is a combined Firewall with Virus Scanner. The Virus Scanner part
can protect against already known viruses - not against new ones, of

Viel schlimmer als die Implementation von PHP ist jedoch das Design.

Rudolf Polzer in


Your statement was that a firewall cannot protect against viruses. They
can. Nothing was said about "how" they perform that function (UTM) so don't
make statements that are ill defined and then decide to bend it to suit you
when someone calls you on it.

As for "new ones" are you referring to zero-day virus detection or something
even newer than that? If it's not known - then is it really a virus?

There's a lot of technology out there that has attempted over the years to
detect malicious code but I seriously doubt we'll ever get to 100%
efficiency - in our lifetime.

Bob S.