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]>If it's so easy then why do some virus writers get caught when they are
] ^^^^^^^^
]>stupid enough to upload the virus from their own PC?
] ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Ummm, is this supposed to be a trick question?

I remember a case some years back where the virus writer was traced to his
PC in his home via the IP and MAC address. I beleive it was in the
Philipines. Just saying if it is so easy to do why was he caught?

You answered your own question. There are various "grades" of stupidity,
and that guy took the top prize.

Add Microsoft's new $250,000 bounty into the mix and at first glance, you'd
think we're right on track. Not a chance! There are simply too many ways to
be anonymous on the Internet, and more so today than ever before. You don't
even need to spoof IP addresses these days; there are too many ways to have
perfect stealth.

The only way you can hide is to anonymously relay it through open relays.
The problem for law enforcement is the a vast number of the boxes on the
Internet today are wide open relays. Check the "Received:" headers on the
spam you receive - most of those are open relays.

Imagine you're a virus writer and need a launchpad for your evilw ork. Just
start with an untraceable MAC address on a borrowed IP address,

My understanding was that idiot got caught because of embedded serial numbers
in the wonderful software that was used. Most wankers today think that the
only way to create text that will be used for source code is to use MS Turd,
or something out of Orifice2003 - and can't understand why the _source_ file
for 'hello.c' is a 24k windoze file. In case you forgot (or are not a
programmer), the entire source is

#include <stdio.h>

printf("hello, world\n");

which is 60 characters (including the newlines) total. What's all the rest
of the crap in that windoze file? Guess - or use a disk-editor to find out.
You might be horrified to know what's in there.

With wireless, it become a physical battle between a million victims and
one guy walking down the street.

The reason there are a million victims is that nine hundred ninety nine
thousand of them shouldn't be trying to use anything as complicated as
a digital clock - never mind having access to a computer with or without
a connection to the Internet.

Old guy