Re: Sonicwall SOHO3 firmware

Izzy Mandelbaum wrote:
<I_AM_Raptor@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Mine needs to be reloaded as it was corupted and is now gone.
I don't really care about if its the latest version or not, I would
just like to get up and running again. If anyone has an old firmware
file that came on the original disc for thier SonicWall I would
appretiate the help.

Did you ever register it?
You should be able to go to , log in
& download it again.
I'd help, but all I've got are TZ 170s & a SOHO2...

Registered long ago by a previous admin. No idea what the login
information and so I am unable to transfer the unit to our current
MySonicWall account. I am extremely annoyed with the way SonicWall
handles its firmware now. That combined with their support quality is
enough to prevent me from buying anymore of their products.
We purchased a few TZ150's and a Pro 2040 with plan to purchase a 2nd
2040 but now we are going to go with Watchguard after the problems of
dealing with the 2040 and running into problems that SonicWall says are
not limitations, but features. That combined with having to pay for
support per year for firmware upgrades is more than enough for me to
avoid the growingly greedy company.