Re: Small Form Factor Firewall

Will <westes-usc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
: To a management station, I would expect no incoming connections, so I want
: that policy enforced and reported.

Where are you planning on utilizing this? Internally or for SOHO users?
I believe most SOHO boxes doesn't currently support GigE. For small remote
offices I have utilized small firewall boxes from Sofaware
( If you're using Checkpoint firewalling you will
recognize these. Sofaware is a Checkpoint daufgter company. You can also
manage these centrally from a Checkpoint SmartConsole (or you can use a
web interface on each individual one if you choose to).

For internal networks you also have the options of Cisco NAC This
requires you to have Cisco switches etc and will handle gigabit load
etc. If you're not using cisco you can get a product such as Trend
Trend also have a hardware module that can be used in Cisco ASA

Other solutions that will give you such functionality on the Client is
Checkpoint Integrity
( or MS NAP
( You can
also combine several of these and they can work together for optimal

Good luck!


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