Re: Zone Alarm (Freeware-) stopped reporting intrustions..

"And if you think it can block malicious outbound traffic see
statement at
the chapter "Myth: Host-Based Firewalls Must Filter Outbound Traffic to
be Safe. " "

Did you actually read the informtaion you're referring people to?
Basically some guy at MS deems the need for Outbound Traffic Filtering
as a myth because the majority of users are too stupid to understand
that's going on when prompted to allow/deny the traffic.

That's like saying "Myth: Need for strong passwords including capital
letters". So because someone might not realize their caps key is on
then we shouldn't allow people to put capital letters in passwords.

Just because his grandmother likes "sexy dancing pigs" and clicks "ok"
without knowing what she's talking about doesn't mean that Outbound
Traffic filtering is a useless security feature to the rest of us. (As
demonstraighted my MSs inclusion of outbound filtering in Vista).


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