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I dont know you could prosecute them for, but even so, you could
avoid prosecution by getting out of town before anyone came to arrest you.
Just head for the airport, get on a plane and get the hell OUT of the
country. And any warrants for your arrest are computerised and can be
erased. All you would have to do is BREAK IN to the computers ERASE the
warrants for your arrest, then that would be the END of it.
I know about hacking into computers, becuiase I DID that when I was
17, to get my parents out of a jam. What happened was that in shop class,
I put some kind of strange setting on a wood-smoothing machine that
totally ruined it, so I borrowed a friednds portable PC, and accoustic
coupler he had, and then BROKE IN to the school's computer network from an
off-campus pay phone and ERASED the $2,582 bill. My parents never got the
bill and never had to pay it becuase I erased it from my record. I just
simply altered the books to say that debt was paid. To cover my tracks, I
erase all the logs, so that they would not know what happened. By using a
pay phone in a nearby strip mall, I made myself uidentfifable. With the
logs erased, they could not figure out what was done. They knew something
was up, and send out a form letter wiht the next grade report advising
parents to keep an eye on their children's records becuase "sophisticated
hackers or hacker" had broken into the school's computer network, and that
they could not identify who.

You seem to have a problem understanding security!
In that building, you cannot get in OR out with ANYTHING forbidden!
When in doubt, they stop you in a secure area, until they are sure that
you are "clean"!
Or in the simple case of a badge fogotten at home:
- Good morning mister xxx. So you have NO badge? NO other ID?
- Somebody from the inside has to come and vouch for you. This
Person has to be on a special list. This list is NOT on a computer!
- Security does not care if you would have to go home and get your
wallet. Hey, they have to protect the building and the content,
If you miss work because of this, tough cookie!

Everybody who works in those buildings has to sign a lot of forms about
secrecy, secrets and security. We also had to give permission for yearly
background checks (local to federal level!). Anything "funny", and you
have to explain.

They had NO dial-up phone lines comming in (to computers). (Also no
DSL or other services) All modem lines to the outside have been (and still
are) heavy encrypted.


Before you do more confessions, read up on:
US Code TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 47 > § 1030
--> § 1030. Fraud and related activity in connection with computers

Other countries have similar stuff!


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