Re: Blocking Unauthorized Remote Access

On 26 Sep 2006, in the Usenet newsgroup, in article
<1159293109.523516.40920@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, chilly8@xxxxxxxxxxx

Using Evidence Eliminator, BC-Wipe, Killdisk, or a similar utility will wipe
out any event logs that any version of Windows NT or XP may be keeping
on the local machine.

An no one would _ever_ notice that

With a high-gain antenna, they could sign onto any wISP they
subscribe to, and it wold be thier ISP handling the traffic instead of
your firewall.

Likewise, no one would EVER EVEN GUESS what that 24 inch dish was doing pointing
out the window. You're believing to many TV commercials. You know, Gillette
is going to be coming out with a razor with eight blades to give an even
closer shave.

Old guy