Re: firewalls and a static IP address

bill.oneil@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I have a situation where multiple customers allow remote access through
a firewall via SSH, Remote Access Cards, etc. All the customers allow
access ONLY from the same specific IP address.

My question is, is there a hardware device, router, etc that would
allow a nomadic user via a laptop to connect with; which then allow the
laptop to have the same external IP address as the device/network
(which just so happens to be the IP address the customers allow through
their firewalls)?

If I understand you correctly, you want a device you can plug a laptop
into that'll give it a specific, routable public IP address on whatever
arbitrary network you happen to be connected to?

No. There is no device that'll let you use a specific public IP address
in an arbitrary network. The first router you hit outbound will
probably drop your traffic because the packet's source address is not
in its network. Secondly, how would the return traffic get back to you?