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On 15 Sep 2006 11:37:45 -0700, "Gunther" <OSUBucs@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Looking for help on CheckPoint and SmartCenter. Is there anyone out
there that we can call to give a call to that truly knows the tool
really well? We've tried to call CheckPoints support center a thousand
times but its been to no avail. We're in RTP, NC Thanks

My experience with Checpoint support is it's pretty good if you pay
for support. Do you pay for support? If so and you don't get it, then
stop paying. If you don't pay, then you get pretty much nothing. I
use Checkpoint but we only have software support so we get patches and
that's it. We cannot talk to them.

So you are asking people to give you free support?

What is your question?

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