Re: New "worst nightmare" for network admins

On Mon, 18 Sep 2006 00:19:10 -0700, Chilly8 wrote:

A lot of BS.

I have disabled connections for less reasons!
Unknown heavy traffic?
--> I don't care if its Napster, WebTV/Radio,
ftp, nntp, bit-torrent, mail or whatever
--> heavy traffic is not allowed here!
--> your MAC address will be disabled!
If you have legitimate traffic (even heavy) no problem!
Low traffic on "strange" ports CAN raise questions!
Heavy traffic on ANY port will raise questions!
Anybody trying to circumvent the firewall:
You don't want to be the one!

For your info:
I'm running a "public accessible Hotspot".
This means that there is a lot of "strange" traffic
but 99.9% of all people are well behaved!
Only 1 (one) MAC address is permanently banned
(Or until that laptop gets the "spamware" removed)
Only 2 out of way more than 1000 people tried to abbuse
the network connection! After closing all bit-torrent
ports permanently and a short talk, they behaved.