Symantec Gateway security 460 vpn rollover problem

We have the dual wan gateway 460 by Symantec with a slight problem...
One connection is our cable connect, the other is the verizon
connection. We have the verizon connection (wan2) set as a "backup" to
the wan1 comcast cable connection.

Last night, comcast went down. I could still get in from the outside
using the wan2 connection, however if I tried to browse the web or even
ping direct ip addresses, from a machine behind the gateway, nothing
would connect (even though I could connect to the main unit from the
outside world, via the wan2/verizon ip address or dns name).

The only way I could get internet connectivity behind the firewall
working, was to set wan1 to "off" and set the wan2 one to "on"

The second issue was the vpn connection. We use the Symantec VPN
Client 8.0 (I guess there is no choice in using this software with this
router, am I correct on this one, as nothing else seems to work?)... I
have the software set to have both wan1 and wan2 in the settings, so
that if wan1 fails.. wan2 will work and allow the vpn connection. I
know this has worked in the past, but now the vpn connection could not
be established, even after setting wan2 to an "on" state.

Either way, I dont think one should have to turn on wan2 on this type
of device if wan1 fails.. it should be automatic and the vpn should
rollover as well. Anyone else had this issue.. Anyone else been able
to use a different vpn client than Symantec's with this device?