Bypass SMC Router Firewall?


I rented a floor in a house owned by a married couple. I use their
internet connection which they share through an SMC7004AWBR Router.

Now they just plugged in the cable, and the router seems to work, they
named their Wireless Network, but didn't enable WEP.

Now I asked them of them, the password for the router, for port
forwarding purposes, and to atleast enable WEP. They can't seem to
find/figure out how to get the password again.

Now I'm behind a router, which I can't portforward, which really sucks?

I want like to be able to use torrents, hosting games, and a lot more?

Is there any way I can bypass this builtin NAT-Firewall?

I have tried to find the default router password which does not work,
also I have tried to search like something with Password Cracker for
Routers etc. (I'm not doing anything illegal here since they have
allowed me to get the password if they could FIND it!!).

I heard something about tunneling, is that something I can use to pass
this damn firewall, or is there no hope at all?

Now I just figure out as a last oppurtunity to ask them to reset the
router, but now they are out travelling for 3 weeks, and I need to be
able to portforward or atleast beable to bypass the firewall within 3

I would REALLY appreciate some kind of advice of what to do. I have not
physical access to the router, since it is placed on their floor, and
it's locked (cause they are out travelling).



And I'm sorry for my english :) Hope it's understandable.