Re: Kerio 2.1.5 - Unable to Attach TCP Message

Martin wrote:

Windows 2000 SP4 with Kerio firewall 2.1.5.

Kerio 2.1.5 was good but it's outdated now (cause of security flaws :-( ).

After closing port 445 using

Do you need the smb-direct protocol?

either Windows Worms Cleaner
Whats' this?

or by editing the registry,


I get the messageon boot up "Kerio Personal Firewall Driver: Unable to
attach 'TCP"

Mmmmh, I used Kerio in conjunction with WinNT and that system didn't know
anything abou smb-direct.

followed by similar messages for other protocols.Google indicates this is
a known bug. Nevertheless, on running the ShieldsUp probe, my computer
is still stealthed despite the error messages.

"stealth" is bad, it's a misconfiguration.

I tried uninstalling Kerio,
closing the port, then reinstalling Kerio, but that didn't fool it.

What about wipfw? It's actual and very smart ;-)

I can't see any fix for this bug on Google.
see above.

Any thoughts? (In the meantime, I have reversed the registry changes
so that port 445 shows as listening but is at least protected by the

That's a workaround with security flaws. What does the Kerio FW have to do?
Make it unnecessary (German says: überflüssig == superfluous) or change to
f.e. ipsecpol or wipfw.



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