Re: outpost blocking email client

k1sage <"kis[delete]age"> wrote:
On a machine WinXPpro, outpost firewall(internal OS firewall disabled)
is sometimes blocking my email client thunderbird with reason "blocked
by process memory control" identifing that winlogon.exe is trying to
write data into thunderbird.
First I tought that I've got some spyware tryin to send some packets by
smtp, but scaning with common antispyware programs didnt take any result.
thunderbird have rules for an email client of course.
that any got some idea what is going on and how can I prevent it? Maybe
some global rules that I cant reconize is responsible for that?

Why not just using the Windowws-Firewall instead of Outpost? The latter
has security design flaws anyways.

Viel schlimmer als die Implementation von PHP ist jedoch das Design.

Rudolf Polzer in

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