Re: Zone Alarm has blocked 552 intrusions in the last 3 hours!

joe54345@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Actually I just called my ISP and they said that maybe the reason I'm
seeing so many intrusions is because my old IP gave me a static IP
address and this new one is giving me a dynamic constantly changing IP
address. Does that make sense?

Now supposedly, some ISP's will give a new IP on what is the lease time of the IP, something like that. The ISP's I have had, I had the same DHCP IP all the time on the BB connection.

In addition, you can check for yourself if the IP is changing by going to the Command Prompt and entering IPconfig /all. If you don't see the IP changing, then you can make your own determination as to what you're being told.

I needed to change my IP from the ISP once, because the IP was giving me alot of connection problems. Some low-level tech person gave me the song and dance that the IP could be changed by them. I didn't buy it and escalated the problem with a higher level tech support person. I got that new IP.

Duane :)