Re: 4000 to 5000 TCP hits in my Firewall log??

pdarrah@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Jeff B wrote:
ports 135-139 + 445 are specific ports used by MS.
add a rule,
allow tcp/udp $your-lan-address/24 ports 135-139,445 ignore, nolog

eg: 139/445 are use for file/print sharing

Jeff B (remove the No-Spam to reply)

Hi Jeff - Does this mean that I shouldn't be concerned about this?

this is normal for MS, *BUT* you must enforce the access to
only your lan segment(s). ALL perimeter access *MUST* be denied!

> The
other computer isn't trying to "attack" this one? Why would this only
be occuring on one machine on the network.

Jeff B (remove the No-Spam to reply)

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