Pix 525 E

I have a building that we would like to put behind a firewall.
Basically here is out it is laid out. A 6509 is the main switch of the
building with multi vlans. We are going to take a port out of the 6509
run into 3750-12 then into a pix 525e then back into a 3750-12 then
back into the 6509. We are just wanting to protect this building from
any outside attacks.
1) I would like to know how i can use static ip's from that buildings
ip range intstead of private on the inside interface or could i just
let everything pass through. I would like to continue usiing the vlans
that we have already in place for that buidling. DO NOT want to use
private addressing if possible. Also like to elminiate nating on the
firewall and allow dhcp server to continue to give out addressing and
pass that through the firewall. Or could we just allow all vlans to
pass through. Any help would be appreciated.


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