Re: Large Zip files in Internet Logs folder...

"Atreyu" <noyb@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I understand that Zone Alarm creates and uses this folder. The zip
all start out with the name VSMON_2nd (then date stamp) with
exception: These files add up to over 60 megs and I
sure could
use the hard drive space. All the VSMON zip files were created in
2005; the
tvDebug file was created in June 2006. Is it safe to delete these
files and
not disrupt Zone Alarm (free version) from working? Also, is there
suitable alternative to ZA? Many thanks in advance to all who

Read the posts on this link to ZoneLabs User Forums. I never keep the
daily log files. You can delete them inside the interface. Make
cleaning out the Internet Logs folder part of your maintainance

Lots of good information there.

charlie R