Re: NIS will not let me synchronize the PC Date/Time

Sebastian Gottschalk wrote:
@lf wrote:
Sebastian Gottschalk wrote:
@lf wrote:

If you have shares on that Wi-Fi connection, you cannot put it into
internet zone without breaking it.
I want to break it on a unprotected wi-fi, that is a goal.
Then why don't you create two separate connections, one for protected
and one for unprotected wi-fi?
You have to know SSID, what hotel user is going to stay and what SSID
they use you don't know. User is going to ask.

What about a separate connection for your known SSID and every other?

There is only one wireless connection (in Network connections) in which other connections are defining by SSID those are predefined networks. You can block laptop from connecting to non predefined networks, but that in this case can't be done since you don't know what SSID will be. Windows firewall settings are same for all connections predefined and non predefined, I don't think it can be separated.
Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm not expert.