Smoothwall vs Netgear router

Looking from some advice please.

I have a small home network (Linux and Windows) connected to NTL cable through
a PC running Smoothwall. This works great but the Smoothwall hardware is
becoming unreliable and I need to think about a replacement. Also, I would
like to add wireless to my network. Options I am considering are:

1. Build a replacement Smoothwall to replace the existing one and put a
wireless access point on the network.

2. Replace the Smoothwall with a wireless router. The Netgear WGT624 has been
recommended to me but I'm open to suggestions.

The question I have is about the firewall capabilities of the Netgear (or
similar) compared with Smoothwall. Would my network be as secure with the
Netgear as with the Smoothwall? I only occasionally open up ports on the
Smoothwall, the rest of the time it runs "as supplied". To be safe from the
outside world with the Netgear, would I need firewalls on the machines on my

Thanks in advance.
dave (at) dhoulden (dot) demon (dot) co (dot) uk