Re: Sebastian - Re: What is blocking my ports?

Sebastian Gottschalk wrote:
J Lunis wrote:

This appears somewhat controversial as the thread continues. What PFW
for an intermittent non-expert would you suggest?

Exactly: none

A packer filter will only give you security if you have in-depth
knowledge about networks, TCP/IP and firewalls. As a non-expert you have
none, so you'll just achieve misconfiguration, insecurity and messages
you don't understand (and therefore cannot make any qualified decisions).

What about disabling unnecessary services? It's kinda trivial to get an
empty netstat output (freshly after reboot) even on Windows. There's no
need to harass with packet filtering, and security is pretty much based
on reducing unnecessary complexity.

OK, can't get NMap 4.03 to run. Hate to tell you this but it appears to
complex for me. How would I, for example, check port TCP 1000?

For a detailed view:

nmap -sS -p1000 -O $yourIP
nmap -sS -p1000 -O -f $yourIP
nmap -sA -p1000 -O $yourIP
nmap -sF -p1000 -O $yourIP
nmap -sN -p1000 -O $yourIP
nmap -sX -p1000 -O $yourIP
nmap -sM -p1000 -O $yourIP
nmap -sW -p1000 -O $yourIP
OK, tried every NMap line you gave me on several ports. Tried each line on the IP for my laptop, PDA, and Tivo DVR. Tried each line with the firewall enabled and disabled. In every case, I received the same messge >>
"NOTE: Host seems down. If it is really up, but blocking our ping probes, try -P0 (can't see the rest of this line)."
"NMap finished: 1 IP address (0 hosts up) scanned in 4.813 seconds."
what have I learned?