Re: What is the BEST program to stop programs from calling out

Somebody. wrote:

Real simple solution: Reformat, install the OS, and whatever programs
*you* want on your system.

Do you really feel that your solution is "real simple"? Have you ever tried
that with a modern laptop for example? You'll be left with *no* functional
devices except 640x480 VGA in many cases. It takes hours and hours to track
down and install all the correct device drivers, and when you do, guess
what, you've got a bunch of unexplainable services running that you didn't
bargain for, that came bundled in with the driver software.

That's why you dump the hardware list, download and test/verify the most
recent drivers before flattening the system. And guess what? This works
so damn well even with laptops.

because the only place to get the driver software is the original
vendor which puts you back where you started.

Mind you, there's a difference between a graphic driver and preinstalled
graphic driver bundled with
or selling at eBay all those PowerDVD, Nero, Roxio, MS Works,
$some_lousy_picture_editor and alikes bundles is something pretty usual.