Re: Firewalls, mail, and port 56341

Evan Platt wrote:

Oh, and your logging function doesn't show you an inbound connection
attempt at IdentD/Auth (TCP/113)?


As this is unexpected, did you utilize a packet sniffer to verify these
results? Can you install such one at or near the SMTP server?

Where's your firewall rule to either
allow or at least reject (with TCP-RST) such connections?

Well, I added a rule to allow all inbound and outbound connections on
the entire netblock the mail server is on.

And where exactly? Before or after the typical TCP state check rule?

Did I mention that if I switch to a mail server (running port 25) on
an entirely different network, it works fine, no delay?

Hm... could this be a ingress filter rule?

Eh... uninstallation Kerio? This piece of bitjunk will always break your

Any recommendations for a good free firewall?

s/firewall/host-based packet filter/

casual: Windows Firewall is fine
advanced: Win-IPFW <>

<humbly> I obviously don't know as much about TCP/IP as you oh great
one. As I mentioned, same results running the standard windows

Windows firewall blocks local listen()s by default. Did you create an
exception rule?