Re: Sonicwall OWA troubles

Are you using a CNAME for If so, did you try it with an A
record for "www" rather than a CNAME?

Also, although ugly, how 'bout a host file entry for

Admittedly, the URL would have to be specified as and not

Does your internal DNS have forwarders configured?


"Rob Wales" <rawales@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Here's the issue there- if I create the zone for on my
internal dns server and my public website is hosted elsewhere (isp),
then my internal users can't get to the external website. I have
tested this by creating the primary zone on dns server,
created alias record pointing to server.domain.local
and then creating the host (a) for pointing to isp ip
address does not work. I can then get to, but can't
get to