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Jas wrote:

"Sebastian Gottschalk" <seppi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Jas wrote:
Hi, anyone know why I can't seem to install ZA (free) on a win98se
machine (recently re-build/re-loaded). I'm getting a 'root certificate'
problem message at the point the ZA install loads/saves/executes (I
don't know) some GLB temp files in windows/temp. I can't see anything
on the za forum web-site to suggest a solution.

The obvious solution of not using any personal "firewall" crap and
getting some serious security measures didn't come to your mind?

Do explain/expand. Is ZA not considered a firewall or a serious
security measure ?

ZA is not a firewall, it's a host-based packet filter and a pretty lousy

Obviously it's not serious, as tries to employ application control
without any sandbox or whatsoever, autoblocking, strange data filtering
(which actually results in publishing the seemingly-protected data),
content blocking with inapprociate methods... The vendor is a scumbag
(due to both ridiculous claims about his software and the underhand
spying) and the quality of the software is very poor.

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