Re: Block google page cache at firewall?

ridergroov wrote:

Hi folks. Been trying for awhile to block the google cache of pages
which i'm sure you are all familiar with. If you go to google and do a
search for the page URL, you can access the google cache of the page
even if your firewall has the page itself blocked. How do I get around
this? Gotta block!

I am not sure if it holds true for every location (cause they can do some
Geo-targeted load sharing), but my Google cache always gets served from IP
address it is pretty consistent, so I think even if your G
cache serves from different IP, it should be a pretty stable IP address
(keep checking on it like once in two weeks or so though). Just block any
traffice from that IP. Well, it happens to be one of Google's datacenters
so every once in a while someone won't get their search results ;-)

By the way, this sounds like you are working for a school and trying to
deal with smart kids ;-). I just wanted to point out that the kids are
real smart these days and nothing prevents them from using (in addition to
Google cache) English-to-English translation of the page using Google,
Altavista or any other translation services there are out there. It could
even be any language to any other language if all they're interested in is
the universal language of human body's photographic representation ;-)

Good luck!
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