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Many many reports.
Any of the older generals that were considered "the cold warrior" have a
different mindset than Rumsfeld. they have fought with him all the way.
Rumsfeld believes in a light, fast army with good use of special forces
instead of battalions fighting it out in open warfare. The "old guard"
believes in a massive miltary and overwhelming superiority of numbers
just does not fit into todays scenarios.

this predates the current conflict and owes a lot to Boyd's influence.

a lot of anecdotal accounts have John Boyd being responsible for the
plan in the earlier Iraqi conflict (in quite a bit of conflict with
the old guard) .. an older post If you're going to bullshit,
eschew moderation

a couple articles from around the web: How Col. John Boyd Beat the
Generals, August 12, 2002
Insight on the News: How Col. John Boyd beat the generals

there were supposedly subsequent comments about the biggest problem with
the current conflict is that John Boyd had died in 1997.

a few recent posts mentioning John Boyd: Votes are coins stamped with
the Red Queen's head The Pankian Metaphor The Pankian Metaphor The Pankian Metaphor The Pankian Metaphor

Another conflict involves the Crusader. a couple posting/articles on
the subject Dangerous Hardware

There are similar issues for both Abrahms and Crusader with regard to
rapid air deployment and transition to Boyd's maneuver warfare.

another article on the paradigm change:

although Boyd was extremely instrumental in the F16 ... he was a
strong proponent behind the principles involved in the F20/Tigershark,
which significantly reduced the maint. requirement per hour flown as
well as level of technology and skill level needed to support the F16.

articles on Boyd and 4th generation warfare:

lots of past postings mentioning John Boyd
numerous articles from around the web mentioning boyd

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Well......from what I have seen, we lost a good one when we lost John Boyd.
Forward thinkers in an era of leadership that was trained to fight massive
land battles is a good thing as times have certainly changed. Hopefully he
had enough effect for the younger generation to pick up his sword and run
with it.
Thanks for the great info.....very informative.