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Cliff <> wrote:
Are the people kidnapped by the CIA "illegal combatants", too, even if
they were kidnapped here in Germany?
I am not defending rendition. I agree the legality of this is very
questionable. But the question remains on whether it is necessary.


Necessary for a government of a constitutional state like the US to
break law? Necessary to act like criminals?

Now we're coming to the core question. Now we're coming to the real
reason for the torturing, the camp at Guantanamo Bay and the
untrustworthy argumentation for the state of "illegal combatants".

When our enemies are criminal vermin like the Islamists are, can we
afford not to act like them? Can we afford to keep acting legally, is
this enough to defend our freedom?

I'm feeling this question and the intended answer on this question in
every discussion I'm taking part in or just watching, the answer no-one
wants to say clearly, because it's ugly and the opposite of politically

And you know the problem with this answer, I bet. You know, that we're
losing everything what makes us better than the terrorists when we're
acting like this. We're losing our credibility, and we're losing our
legitimation to act in the name of freedom and justice at all.

It's exactly the same question I heard from the Bezirksregierung
Düsseldorf in our dispute about wether the Internet should be censored
or not. Yes, in Germany there is a debate with people having a position
like Iran and China or Northern Korea. They're arguing with stopping
Nazis from spreading their ideas. Having a good intention, just like
stopping Islamistic terrorists.

They were asking me, what should a state do if legal provisions are not

And my answer was, and of course here is exactly the same:

A government of a constitutional state has no choice. They have to
consider legal provisions only. There is no choice of illegal or legal
provisions at all.

Anybody who does not agree, risks that we're losing this "war" before it
started completely.

Unfortunately, as a matter of fact Bush is tattering the reputation of
the US and of the complete west in the Islamic world. They're defecting
in droves to the Islamists because of Bush's policy.
They were defecting before Bush and before 9-11, this is nothing new.

Do we want to spread freedom and democrathy, or do we just don't care?
Please decide this question, before we can discuss what would be best to
do at all.

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