Re: News Release

Cliff <> wrote:
You never read the PATRIOT Act, did you?
I have read it several times. I have yet to see anything to be concerned

We're talking about liberty and democrathy here. Did you already notice,
that according to the Patriot Act:

.... the government has the possibility to imprison every non US citizen they
declare "suspicous" for an unlimited time?

.... that a federal judge said, that parts of the Patriot Act are
unconstitutional (do you appreciate the constitution of the United
States of America)?

.... two Germans were illegaly kidnapped by US officals, one of them
is here from the region of Ulm where I live and he claims that he
was tortured, while the other one is in Guantanamo Bay until today,
waiting for years now for an accusation?

The full text of the Patriot Act you can read here yourself:

whit, it has affected no one that I know.

Now this is not true any more. I personally feel affected, when someone
living here is kidnapped.

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