Re: News Release

Volker Birk wrote:

And what's with this electing machine thing? Sorry, I'm doing computer
science. What I'm reading only from the manufacturers makes my hair
stood on end.

You've read the last Cryptogram newsletter? The vote counter used to be
an uint16_t!

and ruining the
reputation of the USA in the world?
And just what reputation was that?

The reputiaton of the USA was very high - as a matter of fact, many
people in other countries saw them as an example for a great country.

Well, at least until about the 80's when their economy started to
exploit poor countries in Africa and Middle East.

If we're giving up our freedom, then the terrorists already have won.

Hint: Usuma ibn Ladin has won and achieved much more than he could ever
imagine. Just fly some planes into a building and the entire western
hemisphere goes crazy.

There is so much
rhetoric and propaganda from both sides it is extremely hard to discern the

Yes. And what's truth? The truth of whom? ;-)

The Ministery of Truth. Or how did they call their new recently-founded
public relations department?

When I'm listening to what he says, then I'm getting feared from this
man and the power he has.

I don't fear him, he's even too stupid to eat a pretzel (which was, of
course, a terrorist pretzel). Hopefully it will not end up like "No, Mr.
President, you may not press the Red Button".

And when I'm listening to what he's saying in his
speeches, I don't have the feeling that he's realizing that.

Of course not. If you can't read the speech on paper in front of you,
you need to be told everything through your ear clip.

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