Re: News Release

Volker Birk wrote:
tscm-video <ctaylor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Then newspapers and journals are full of information about President
Bush's warrantless wiretapping and eavesdropping.

Yes. And the riddle is: why are the American people putting up with the
way Bush is corroding democracy and liberty in the US and ruining the
reputation of the USA in the world?

For example, here in Germany before Bush the US had a very high
reputation. After 9/11, all people I know were committed to support the
people of the US wherever we can.

Since "Homeland Security", the manipulations with elections, the witch
hunt in airports, and finally this disastrous war of aggression in Iraq
I don't know many people who are appreciative of this acting.

For us Germans, the people of the US were the example for how we should
be. Why aren't our friends standing up now and firing Bush and his
strange group with huge demonstrations and enforcing new elections?

I'm not American, so I really don't understand.


Volker, there isn't a process for "firing" a lame-duck President. Impeachment would have to be brought about by vote from the US Congress and that isn't going to happen given the decrepit 2 party system.

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