News Release

Then newspapers and journals are full of information about President
Bush's warrantless wiretapping and eavesdropping. What many people
do not realize that type of eavesdropping occurring for national
security purposes is vastly different the real world of eavesdropping
and wiretapping utilized for industrial espionage, law enforcement and
your local private investigator that has crossed the line into illegal

Now, the realistic world of eavesdropping has been thoroughly exposed
in the new two-hour video called "The Red Balloon", which was
released a few months ago. Already recognized as the best Issue
Awareness warrantless Video in 2005 at the international Aurora Awards
and given a 5 Star rating by The American Society for Industrial
Security (ASIS), The Red Balloon, presents the government and industry
statistics about industrial espionage and eavesdropping, and how big
this problem really is. It also explores the different types and
techniques utilized with illegal wiretaps and eavesdropping equipment
and the novel techniques by both professional and amateur

If you are in the security industry then you simply must see the
powerful informational video presented by one of the world's most
recognized experts in the field. To learn more you can go to