Re: Mixed network question

"Don Kelloway" <usenet@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

Yes. I believe the Linksys can provide DHCP addresses within the same
network of static IP's. However if your employer has provided you
with a laptop that must use a DHCP assigned address, how do (did) they
expect you to connect to their LAN over the Internet? Certainly they
didn't just toss a laptop to you, tell you it uses DHCP and expect you
to figure it out on your own, or did they? Something is missing from
the scenario you've described, perhaps the implementation of a VPN?

I will dig further into the Linksys documentation to try and uncover the
configuration I need to support both connection methods. Your correct,
they expect that the connection will be made through a VPN tunnel and that
the average "home network" is configured to support DHCP addressing (I
asked). The access methods to their network is quite generous, dial-up or
broadband using either wireless (starbucks etc.) or hard-wired (personal
network). However, the expectation is that it will orginate from a laptop
that is configured internally by them without administrative priviledges,
so I have little control over settings of this box. I my current system
has a series of port-forwarding rules in place, thus my reason for static