Re: Mixed network question

"Father Merrin" <fm@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Sorry if this is a dumb question but I haven't been able to put it all
together yet and thought I would ask you fine folks here :)

I was wondering if I could have my wireless router Linksys WRT54G support
both DHCP Dynamic Ip assignment as well as a static ip's in the same
network. My reason is simple, my new employer which provides a laptop for
support uses only Dynamic assigned address through their network and I
would like to use my broadband connections which is connected to my own
personal network which I have static Ip address assigned. Is this
to mix the two types of ip assignments under one router (or two). I also
have another router Linksys BEFSR41 which I am willing to integrate into
the system to accomplish the task if need be.

Any thoughts?


Yes. I believe the Linksys can provide DHCP addresses within the same
network of static IP's. However if your employer has provided you with a
laptop that must use a DHCP assigned address, how do (did) they expect you
to connect to their LAN over the Internet? Certainly they didn't just toss
a laptop to you, tell you it uses DHCP and expect you to figure it out on
your own, or did they? Something is missing from the scenario you've
described, perhaps the implementation of a VPN?

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