Longshot Cobalt Question

I just inherited a Cobalt SecureWorks iSensor appliance w/no
documentation (natch). On the back it says it is a Raq3i, but it's
running the SecureWorks code (I could see Snort being loaded). Through

the front panel I have been able to reload the default software and
configure the IP settings. I can ping and ssh to the device but I can't
get into
it to configure it. I don't know the default user or pwd, http or https
you normally would for other Cobalt Raq appliances doesn't work.

I checked Sun's website but they don't have the iSensor docs.

It may be too outdated, but I still want to look and tinker with it.
Does anyone out there have documentation on it? Enough to get me into
the iSensor?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thx! - Steve