Re: Norton Internet Security

"Bart" <bart@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a ZYXEL router and use Norton SystemWorks 2006. When I run a test,
the answer is that all ports have the status Stealth. Do I still need i.e.
Norton Internet Security 2006? Thanks for your advice.

Your NAT router is providing isolation for your computers through a gateway,
but NIS06 will "gateway" your computers' actual applications. Crap that
"phones home" these days does so through common ports that are normally
open. Your router has no way of knowing what program is sending traffic.
So, yeah, you don't want to rely completetly on NAT alone -- you want
something at PC level that gates actual programs based on your preferences.

I ran NPF2002 (along with NSW2002) on my windows computers for as long as
Symantec allowed me to continue renewing subscriptions each year. (I don't
like anything Norton after 2002 as it became complete bloatware.) But, if
you already have it, why not keep on using it?

I'm using Sygate Personal Firewall Pro, alongside with BlackICE, on the
windows computer and (for the most part) happy. The two run just fine
together. Sygate is a "application gateway" like Norton, ZoneAlarm, ect
while BlackICE is a IDS that analyzes what is actually flowing in packets.