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On 31-Mar-2006, Volker Birk <bumens@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

ArtDent <par@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I was trying to suggest that uneducated users should use a personal

This will not work because of design flaws in nearly any common

What types of flaws are you talking about here, and are they truly
applicable for _all_ or even most malware?
If a firewall stops 90% instead of its supposed 100% of malicious
behavior, to me that is still better than 0%.

I'm suggesting that uneducated users should use the Windows-Firewall,

I do not understand your reasoning here, you say they should use something
that does half the job that some other fw does (or at least tries to).

and should not use Internet Explorer, but another web-browser.

This I agree with 100%.


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