Re: Firewalls, annual licence fee ?

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Why are most firewall programs sold with annual licence fees ?

Surely they are not upgraded every day like Anti virus progs.
Is it really necessary to keep a firewall up to date all the time ?

I'm still running Sygate, should I be concerned it hasn't been upgraded
since its' demise last year?

Do firewalls shut down if the annual fee is not paid.?

Apologies for the questions but I do sense a rip off.
Most software firewalls will continue to fully function, without any updates.

The updates, presumably, have improvements to the software's basic function(s).

That's not quite correct, at least not for all firewalls and
specifically those that include IDS. Those firewalls have predefined
rules that deal with exploits. As new exploits are identified, the rules
are updated.

Currently, are there any software-based IDS programs for the home user?


Check out the link below. Snort is one of them.

There are a number of PFW's that include IDS, as well.

I'll have a look.



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