Re: One help required about DSL Router reboot

Duane Arnold wrote:

"V S Rawat" <VSRawat@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi folks,

I had written about how I was guided by my ISP support guys
to be able to reboot my DSL router by my browser itself to
get new IP address, thus avoiding manual switching on/off.

I would suspect not, because the router is using a Winndows
Web Interface with a browser environment and not a Windows
Desktop and/or DOS environment.

Does it mean that a browser (or probably a mail/news reader) can
reboot the modem/ router, but we don't have any windows or dos
equivalent to do the same?

Probably they are using some programming. Java or Javascript.
Maybe I can save that script/ module somewhere and run directly
from o.s.

And what's with the HTML that's part of your sig. Vicky?

V S Rawat is my name, V for Vicky as Nick name. Somehow I wrote
it here. I don't use sigs, I type them every time.

Duane :)