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"dawg" <don't look@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
That didn't occur to me.Of course I have heard of using an older PC as a
firewall. I do have an old Compaq 333 or something w/nic. But, it's been
long since I read about it and it wasn't a completely in-depth article by
X-something or something X,how would I tun this old PC into a
BTW,you guys can really drag out an argument to it's bitter end,huh?:)

Check out

Your Compaq 333 should be more than adequate. It will need two NIC's though.
Just get a cheap $15 10/100 NIC if it only has one.
It even supports three NIC's, if you want to have a "DMZ area".

Haven't set it up yet, but it is on my "to do" list. Got enough parts here
to throw something together for it. Once I get motivated, I'm wanting to
get the parts all together and stuff them into a box I'm currently using as
a wireless captive portal (running "ZoneCD"). Basically "two computers"
stuffed into one box, one will run Smoothwall and the other ZoneCD.

Give it a shot and have fun...


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