Re: Netgear FSV318v3 firewall drastically slows down my connection

E. wrote:

E. wrote:

David wrote:

I just upgraded to Cablevision's new 30Mbs service. If I connect one of
my computers directly to the cablemodem, I see a download speed of
about 25Mbs (acceptable). However, if I insert a brand new Netgear
firewall (it has 100 Mbps WAN connection), my connection speed is
reduced to about 5Mbs.

Any idea what might be going on?

David Jameson

The WAN port of the FVS318 is 10mb base-T.

Oops, the v3 is 10/100.
Oops part 2: Up to 11.5Mbps WAN-to-Lan throughput, 2.1 MBps 3DES throughput.

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